•Welcome to Olesia Wool Knits•

Welcoming Message from Olesia

Hello & Welcome!

I am Olesia Wool. I’m so happy you’ve joined me.

This blog isn’t JUST about knitting. If you’re into other crafts besides knitting like me. You’ll know it’s just hard to stick to one project that you enjoy. I have a serious case of ADD. So, I’m always switching between projects and topics.

But, I’m sure there will be a little something for everyone here. I made a list below of some of the topics I’ll be posting here. I’m sure more will be added soon.

Things I’ll share on the Blog:

••Knitting••-(of course-My WIPs • FOs • & project Notes)

••Other Crafts••-(Sewing • Painting • Sculpting • Crochet & More)
••Free patterns••-(Maybe my own or others patterns I love. Links Only.)
••Favorites••-(Etsy shops • Yarns • Yarn dyers • Spinners • project bags • other crafty items)
••Posts about my life••-(Will share my thoughts • pictures & more)
••Reviews••-(Posts about Places • Products I’ve bought and used)

Follow my blog

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog. Plus!
I love making new friends. I’m always looking for other blogs to follow.

If you have a blog here on WordPress. Go ahead and hit that follow button. Leave a comment to let me know you want me to follow you too. Also, you can leave a link below to your blog if not on WordPress. So I may follow your blog too!

Ok, that’s it! Thanks for reading!


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